Joan Schiller,

Mayfield Hts., Ohio

At about the time I was retiring a friend found a baby puggle running through the streets of Middlefield. After failing to find the owners, she decided to keep him. Unfortunately he did not get along with her dog.  She convinced me to take him home and see if we were a good fit.  Although I fell in love with him he was wild and destructive.  He also ran away frequently. One day he ran to Matthew's house, who fortunately turned out to be a dog trainer.  As soon as Matthew started training Gus, he turned into a completely different dog. I can now take him anywhere and he sits quietly, comes when called, and doesn't run away. He is a much happier dog for it.  The best retirement gift I ever got was my dog Gus and his trainer Matthew.

Dan C.,

Gates Mills, Ohio

I got my rescue Australian Cattle dog, Maggie, just over three years ago. She hadn’t been properly socialized as a pup and was very active. I took her to an obedience class and Matt seemed to see in her more than others. He took us as a project and now I’ve got a great dog who understands more than I could have ever thought. I recommend Matt as a dog trainer without any hesitation and he has my full support.

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